and his money he was counting

The moving mystery has been resolved. Apparently there was a vacancy after all, but one of staff was out of the loop, and he filled the room without checking with the two women who have been helping me. But they found another possibility, and theoretically I’ll be able to move on Monday. Hopefully. They’re also arranging a movie night in the common room (kleptomaniac Italian kids not included) so the people who are staying long-term can actually meet each other.

(Did I tell that story? The Italian kids ran off with the life ring from the river.)

Last night I went with Valerie and Kelly to see “Harry Potter!” I was pleased with it overall (with the exception of a couple plot holes and a VERY significant exclusion from the book) and it was nice to actually go out. Plus, you can get ice cream at the theater – Haagen Dasz with one free topping. One thing I wasn’t expecting: there were more advertisements than movie previews.

The theater we went to is attached to a huge shopping mall on the edge of town. It’s shiny and new (and probably suffering like the rest of the retail establishments) and we killed time before the show by exploring Debenhams.

Okay, when it comes to girls and shopping, I think there are types. There are Shoe Girls and Purse Girls and Scarf Girls and so forth. I have decided I’m a Coat Girl. Pretty much every year, I fall in love with a very expensive winter coat, and apparently this isn’t restricted to proper coat season

The worst part is that Debenhams is a British store, which means that their prices are higher in Ireland than they are in the UK. Marks & Spencer does the same thing. That means that this coat costs £120, as opposed to the €186 I’d have to pay here.

Valerie helpfully suggested that I wait until we go to London. I have decided to wait until I have a paycheck.


8 thoughts on “and his money he was counting

  1. That coat’s so nice! For the past couple of years I’ve been turning into a Coat Girl. I think being at college and having to walk around outside all winter in feet of snow opened my eyes to how important it is to have some warm and cute coats.

    Also, ice cream in the movie theatre= omg I want to be where you are RIGHT NOW.

    • The ice cream in the theater was actually kind of problematic, because you know it’s dripping, but you can’t see the drips. Still, it was delicious.

  2. I think I’m a dress girl. And a shoe girl. Although I find that what I shop for the most tends to be the things I’ve been hunting for forever. I would love nothing more than a classic denim jacket and thusly I am always drawn to the jacket section but I don’t consider myself a jacket person. Ooooh, you know what else I am? A cardigan girl. Yup.

    • I’m actually becoming a cardigan girl, which sort of surprises me. I always thought they were kind of too “classic,” but they’re so handy.

  3. I am definitely a jacket girl! I have about 20 different ones, and always am looking for more.

    I made it to Cork! We are staying at the Victoria Lodge at UCC, which is really nice. Today we are going to Cobh to…look at stuff, but I’ve been having a great time in Ireland so far, and it’s been great fun and helpful to read about what you have done (and made me determined to find that hazelnut chocolate/white chocolate spread).

    • I actually have the most trouble with purses! I own way too many of them, but when it comes time to buy a new one, I get totally stuck.

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